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Seasonal Feast Course [Premium Drinking] Seasonal Build-ups and Others 7 Items + 9 Drinks Including 9 Hours Drink 4900 → 4400 yen

By using a coupon4400 yen

With 2 hours all you can drink.All you can drink 8 kinds of selected regional sake etc.

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    9 kinds of sake, sparkling wine and other drinks! 【Sake (Kirin Yamaden Spicy, Echigo Shoto Tora Dragon), Seasonal Special 2 Sake, Sweet Shochu (Black Kirishima), Wheed Shochu (Ajisai Collection), Higa Ume Plum , Non alcoholic beer, sparkling wine as well】

All-you-can-drink for 2 hours as well as select local sake and sparkling wine! Seasonal feast course which is an introduction to young men.Reasons why a lot of seasonal ingredients-based dishes, such as seafood delivered directly from the fishing port, are supported by young and old people! Cospa ◎ book course can be used in every day scene!


Seasonal Feast Course [Premium Drinking] Seasonal Build-ups and Others 7 Items + 9 Drinks Including 9 Hours Drink 4900 → 4400 yen

● First appointment (appetizer)

● raw ham and persimmon white miso dressing salad

● Direct fishing port! Sashimi platter

● Special Honorable Pork Shabu-shabu

● Lotus root shrimp true length pinched fried

● deadline udon

● sweet

◆ All-you-can-drink bar sake, sparkling wine etc. 9 kinds!

【Japanese sake (Kirin Yamaden spicy, Echigo view Tiger dragon), Seasonally selected 2 sake wines, sweet shochu (Black Kirishima), wheat distilled spirit (Saito collection), Jing-ta plum wine, non alcoholic beer, sparkling wine】

※ Because we are buying fresh ingredients everyday, there may be changes due to purchase.

※ Upgrade to make a make-up with + 500 yen for special selection!

※ + 500 yen added special product "Extraordinary raw sea urchin and Murakami beef luxury roll" added OK!

※ Handmade dessert is added at + 500 yen! Booking for 2 persons / 3 days in advance

◆ Notes ◆

Wakana is in the middle of three stores under the store [Ekimae shop] [Niigata station Benten street shop] [Station Nan shop].

We ask that you confirm once again whether there is a mistake in the reservation store.

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
- Kirin Ichiban Shibori
· Jin · Vodka · Cassis · Peach · Lychee · Karua
· Sake High
· Oolong Hi · Green Tea High · Jasmine Tea High · Orange High · Grapefruit High · Corn Beard Tea High · Lemon High
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine · apricot sake (rock · water split · soda cracker)
· Sake · shochu
· 【Sake】 Asahiyama Hyakuju (1/2) 【Shochu】 Kaoru ◆ All you can drink like 9 kinds of local sake etc. 【Japanese sake (Kirin Yamaden spicy, Echinojo Tiger dragon), Seasonal selected 2 sake , Sweet potato shochu (black Kirishima), wheat distilled spirit (sajyuin collection), Jing-da plum wine, non-alcoholic beer]
Rock whiskey and water, highball
, Red, and white
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · green tea · jasmine tea · corn beard tea · cola · ginger ale · orange juice · grapefruit juice · apple juice · soda (carbonated water) · tonic water · milk
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